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Tulip Square Condo is a European-style condo located in our own Tulip Square. This luxury condo in Samut Sakhon is conveniently located on the Phetkasem main road. Being part of Tulip Square, you’ll find everything you need to live a complete lifestyle.

Sporty individuals can rejoice as inside Tulip Square you’ll find an onsite fitness centre, swimming pool, and a sports complex. For a more combative experience, a Muay Thai gym is also located in close proximity. As well as the top-class sporting facilities inside Tulip Square, you’ll also be able to find a shopping mall, a clubhouse, and a commercial building.

In close proximity to this luxury condo in Samut Sakhon, you’ll find plenty of restaurants and the popular the Mall shopping centre. With abundant retail shops of all sorts and sizes, a diverse range of restaurants, and a world-class cinema, there’s fun for the whole family nearby.

Being situated on a main road with easy access to the city’s subway station coming soon, you’ll have rapid contact with the whole of Bangkok, without the hustle and bustle of central Bangkok. Living in Tulip Square Condo you really will get the best of both worlds and a complete lifestyle


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ผ่อนล้านละ 1,000 บ./ด.
รับ ดอกเบี้ย 0% นาน 1 ปี / ฟรี เฟอร์นิเจอร์ 18 รายการ* / ฟรี ค่าใช้จ่ายวันโอนฯ
เริ่ม 999,000 บ.*

Floor 1 ,Floor 2-8
Floor 1 ,Floor 2-8
Floor 1 ,Floor 2-8
Floor 1 ,Floor 2-8
Floor 1 ,Floor 2-8
Floor 1 ,Floor 2-8
Floor 1 ,Floor 2-8

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