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In the J Villa Bang Yai complex, you can own your own beautiful 4-bedroom house. Bang Yai is an area on the outskirts of Bangkok that creates a perfect environment for families to live comfortably together.

With an expressway and the city’s large skytrain network nearby, you and your family will have quick and easy access to the hustle and bustle of central Bangkok and all the business and leisure activities that come with one of Asia’s leading metropolises.

A short distance away from these modern 4-bedroom houses you’ll find plenty to do. With cafes, restaurants, and the Bang Yai Night Bazaar located in the vicinity, there is plenty to eat, and explore for the whole family at all hours of the day or night. For shopping, dining or just hanging out, the huge Central Westgate Shopping mall is but a short drive away. For more relaxing family activities, you can simply head to the garden or swimming pool located within the complex or visit the nearby water lily park.

Grocery shopping for the family from your beautiful 4-bedroom house in Bang Yai couldn’t be easier. There are many large and small supermarkets nearby, as well as fresh outdoor markets offering a local’s shopping experience.

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Floor 1,2
Floor 1,2


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